One and a Half Men

9 Mar

The show that so many Americans have fallen for might be coming to an abrupt end. With the remaining of this season being cancelled and no news of what’s to come for future seasons Two and a Half Men might be done for good.

Two and a Half Men quickly became one of the most successful sitcoms on televison today, with three hilarious main characters that never seemed to disappoint the fans.

That was all until Charlie Sheen, who plays Charlie Harper, seemed to lose his mind. Charlie Sheen has always had a colorful past but up until now people still considered him sane. Charlie has been accused of drug use, hiring prostitutes, and being more than just aggressive with women.

He has jumped into the spotlight and taken over magazine covers, online magazine pages, and most talk shows. He has very little to say other than everyone else is crazy and that he’s being accused of things that aren’t true. Oh, and he’s “Winning”.

When I see him on talk shows and see certain clips I can’t help but compare what’s going on with him to what happened with Brittany Spears a few years ago.He went from a handsome, funny, respected actor to somebody completely out of control.

For his sake, and his families I hope he finds the help he needs, and I hope Two and a Half Men is able to pick back up!

YouTube Video…Two and A Half Men



2 Responses to “One and a Half Men”

  1. alexalinngardner March 11, 2011 at 7:18 pm #

    I also wrote a PR Connection on Charlie Sheen! It seems like he is all people are talking about right now. I agree with you on how it always seems like someone is being criticized by the media. I saw that you mentioned Brittany Spears in your post. Similarly, I talked about LiLo and Mel Gibson. They are all examples of how gossip agencies like TMZ can take a respected celebrity and change American opinion on that person over night. Sometimes we forget that these celebs are human beings too! The press expects them to be too perfect sometimes!
    Good post!


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